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Slovak Acoustical Society was found on November 30th 2012, on the basis of agreement of several experts from universities, from the Slovak Academy of Sciences, from national institutions and from design and consulting companies dealing with measurements, evaluation and reduction of sound and vibration.

The main mission of the Society is:

- Propagate the knowledge gained in the research, development and practice, and acquire scientific and technical personnel for active cooperation in the development and popularization of fields of acoustics and vibration in Slovakia,
- organize national and international conferences, seminars, scientific symposia, lectures, and other professional events,
- cooperate with domestic and foreign entities in the fields of acoustics and vibration,
- contribute to raising of professional level of its members with a particular focus on young workers, issuing professional publications and materials, actively promote training and competence in the fields of acoustics and vibration,
- assist its members in scientific and professional work, encourage and support scientific research and activities of members of the Society,
- be active in legislative, consulting
, expertise and standardization activities, cooperate with the authorities responsible for these activities.

Articles of Association of the Slovak Acoustical Society

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